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Back for 2024 - a bouquet bar dedicated to young flower fans allowing them to pick their perfect stems for a personalized bouquet for mom, grandmom, an aunt or that special lady they'd like to honor! 


How this will work!

  • Purchase tickets for a time slot; one ticket = one bouquet
    • Have two kiddos and want to leave with two bouquets? Purchase 2 tickets.
  • Bring yourself and your underage bouquet maker(s) to the farm on the appointed day / time window.
  • We will have all the seasonal stems and foliage prepped and ready for these sessions.  
  • Kids will walk through and pick their favorites, we will assemble the final, wrap in Kraft paper and tie with a gorgeous ribbon.


This is a kid-centric event in honor of Mother's Day; 14 and under, please. Photos are representative of last year and actual selections may vary.


Best practice is to come to our bouquet bar and head back home or directly to the gift recipient. While the stems are hydrated and and in water, cut flowers don't love excessive time in our Florida heat - they prefer that cool A/C! If you have questions, please contact us before signing up! 

Mother's Day Bouquet Bar - for Kids!

  • All of our bouquets and arrangements are offered as LOCAL PICK UP at The Heirloom Yard.  We are a small team and request pickup date and time at pickup to ensure your order is ready and we are on site w/ the gate open!

  • To ensure the longest vase life:

    • ensure water levels are maintained in the arrangement; fresh flowers are thirsty
    • change the water frequently, every 2 days is ideal
    • keep away from direct sunlight or heat sources
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