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We are excited to offer straight bunches of our Roselilies for the 2024 season.  Roselily™️ is the brand name... but essentially, these are double lilies, free of pollen with a light scent.  Each stem features multiple blooms that will open in succession - creating a grand display throughout their long vase life. Given the stem length (24"+), these make grand displays (we call them "big format" 😂) and need a tall vase to support their bloom weight.  


Our Roselily offerings will be straight bunches (no other flowers or foliage like our typical paper-wrapped bouquets). These will be 5-6 stems of roseliles; all locally-grown at our farm. Wrapped in kraft paper and tied with string. 


Current availability:

  • Aisha - white with green near the center


Some Notes on Fresh Flowers at Home:

  • lilies can handle some time out of water and will rehydrate quickly; but don't leave them in the car to run additional errands!
  • fresh lilies are big drinkers; check water levels daily if not using a clear container
  • locally-grown lilies can have a great vase life - just keep that water fresh and clean


The video shows another variety but provides a sense of the bouquet in a vase.

Wrapped Roselily Bunch

  • All of our bouquets and arrangements are offered as LOCAL PICK UP at The Heirloom Yard.  We are a small, working flower farm and do not keep public hours.  Therefore, we request pickup date AND time at checkout to ensure your flowers are ready and we are on site.

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