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Fresh flower boutonnière - two ways! Lapel or breast pocket insert... choose the look that best works for your event. That said, both options are best used when a suit or tuxedo jacket is worn. No jackets? I'd pass on the bouts.


How to Order:

💚 Order ahead! These require a minimum of one week's notice.

💚 Select from one of our 6 color palettes; all flowers used are designer's choice.

💚 Select the format:

  • lapel - traditional styling; we may use pins to secure or magnets (we'll confirm w/ use before we make it)
  • breast pocket insert - chic spin on the classic

💚 Include any additional order notes at checkout.

💚 Provide your desired date and time of pickup. Bouts can be stored in a refrigerator (a beverage refrigerator is best) until needed; max one day in advance.

Fresh Flower Boutonnière - lapel or card insert

PriceFrom $25.00
Out of Stock
  • A word on fresh flower wearables:

    • These are intended as event pieces and will look their best for that timeframe.
    • We recommend picking up your fresh flower wearable the day of your event or one day prior.  Items can be stored in a refrigerator (a beverage refrigerator is best; away from fruit that releases ethylene) until needed.
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