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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open to the public?

  • We are an active growing space and are open by appointment only. All orders are "cut to order" - we don't harvest flowers unless they are for a specific bouquet or arrangement.  We'll be more than happy to show you around during an order pickup and we have tours as part of our workshops


Do you have flowers year-round?

  • While we are actively growing year-round, our offerings follow seasonal availability.  For floral bouquets and arrangements, our calendar would be January through late November; we have very limited production in July & August. Of course, that is all dependent upon the weather! Click here for a list of flower availability by season. We do source flowers for events, holidays and during our off season - these flowers and foliage will be exclusively American-grown.

What are your options for floral orders?

  • In season, we offer paper-wrapped bouquets ($28 and $50) and custom vase arrangements starting at $50 and scaling up from there. We predominantly work with flowers and foliage that we grow locally; outside of that, we exclusively work with American-grown flowers and foliage. Bouquets and arrangements are the best of what's growing in that moment - fresh, fragrant and seasonal. Take a look at our Instagram or Facebook to get a sense of what we're harvesting and when. When available, our paper-wrapped bouquets, holiday floral offerings and subscriptions, will be posted under the shop section of our site. Have a request for a custom arrangement or other floral designs? Reach out here!


Do you deliver?

  • As farmer florists, our time is best leveraged with customer pickups.  The more we are away from the Yard, the less time we have to work in our growing space. It takes time and attention to bring you the best locally-grown flowers!

Do you offer flowers for events and weddings?

  • Short answer - yes; but we are not a full-scale event florist. We offer personal flowers (bouquets, boutonnières, flower crowns, etc), arrangements in varied sizes and a handful of other designed pieces.  Like all of our offerings, we solely work with American-grown seasonal flowers and foliage - so while we will work within your color palette, we do not typically commit to specific flowers. Let's chat to see if we're the right fit for your needs!

Still have a question?

We're an email away! We're not phone-adverse... but we're not typically near the work phone and this puts you in our inbox. 

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